Weather modification and population increases limit means in surfacing towns and cities.
Weather modification and population increases limit means in surfacing towns and cities.

With Fluidit’s software solutions, you could get the most from your own info so that cities prosper – for years to come.

That which we manage

Lightning rapid, unlimited, unrestricted, agile and insightful. Fluidit supporting utility designers from early build sketches to running the computer with complete productivity.

Computer Software

We develop, offer, and hire modern hydraulic modeling methods. Engineers and utilities worldwide make use of the pc software to fix metropolitan tube infrastructure problems in the latest time.


We assist you to kickstart pilot jobs, model sales, or just about any other modeling tasks. You can expect designed consulting services to ensure that you get maximum advantages from all of our computer software everyday.


We provide considerable classes regarding experience amounts. Our team of engineers strives to talk about their expertise, and we with pride offer our computer software to informative organizations as an exercise method.


We establish synergic partnerships around the globe to improve usage of world-class simulation gear and improve the planning and management of h2o and stamina methods.

Our very own computer software

For drinking water circulation systems

For section power techniques

For stormwater methods

For working programs and sewer methods

“In Sweco Finland, we replaced all of our earlier hydraulic modeling applications with Fluidit’s items. Our modelers are content with your contemporary and comprehensive methods and Fluidit’s big computer software assistance.”

Antti Ryynanen

Company Device Director, H2O and Wastewater, Sweco Finland

Fluidit Sewer, Fluidit Storm, Fluidit Liquid

“Collaboration with Fluidit has become easy and effective. HSY is now offering a simple yet effective blended sewer network design for holistic circle testing and preparation. Our Company Is anticipating teaming with Fluidit to press the product even more and continue constructing capacity at HSY.”

Leena Sankiaho

Development Professional, Wastewater Cures, Helsinki Region Environment Solutions HSY

“if it is about swapping options or getting applications support, Fluidit’s response has become prompt and specialist.”

Leena Sankiaho

Development Engineer, Wastewater Cures, Helsinki Region Environmental Providers HSY

“The design developing processes got engaging. We satisfied with Fluidit virtually regularly to talk about your panels and find answers to any problems we experienced. They feels like we've developed the design along.”

Leena Sankiaho

Developing Professional, Wastewater Medication, Helsinki Area Environment Treatments HSY

”Although we will still be during the early phases to build models of the programs, we have been already obtaining great value through understanding the impact of alterations in the machine, and therefore creating much better conclusion. Modeling should always be an important section of our day to day businesses later on.”

Manager, System Developing, Veitur, Iceland

Fluidit Heat, Fluidit Storm, Fluidit Drinking Water

”we oversee systems for liquids circulation, district home heating and sewer programs, therefore it is a great benefit to be able to are employed in the same software in almost any distribution systems.”

Manager, System Developing, Veitur, Iceland

Fluidit Heat, Fluidit Violent Storm, Fluidit H2O

“I like just how quickly I am able to imagine the system facts, GIS background levels and representation outcome, and create professional visual drawings using Heat’s integral tools. And better yet, I Could try this with numerous scenarios to improve powerful evaluations and rapidly diagnose undersized pipelines.”

Kasperi Lehtinen

Circle Professional, Lahti Energia

“as time goes on, we wish to complete extra example evaluation for insights into just how different weather has an effect on the circle. It's my job to bring new tips while carrying out the modeling jobs – the probabilities with Fluidit temperatures include endless.“

Kasperi Lehtinen

Community Engineer, Lahti Energia

“We had been satisfied with the software deployment processes and exactly how it was applied. Anything was finished on resources and on plan, in fact it is perhaps not self-evident typically.”

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