An exploratory study of Muslim teens’ panorama on sex: effects for gender studies and cures
An exploratory study of Muslim teens' panorama on sex: effects for gender studies and cures


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This papers represent the outcome of an exploratory qualitative learn on Muslim teenagers' views on sex during the Netherlands.


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Information are gathered from an Internet forum which 44 Muslim and 33 non-Muslim teenagers mentioned sex whilst relates to Islam. These conversations had been later examined for content material using Nvivo 2.0.


The testing revealed a number of problems that were relevant for any design of future intercourse training programs concentrating on Muslim childhood. Besides some envisioned effects with regards to, for example, taboos on sexuality, gender outside relationships, abortion, homosexuality and conservative sex functions, our very own analyses showed that in matters of conflicts 1) conversations were polarized, 2) competitors utilized the same Qur'anic passages to compliment her views, and 3) the authority of an Imam was actually interrogate whenever his explanation of Qur'anic passages wasn't based on the horizon of players.


All of our conclusions show that latest approaches to sex education among Muslim young people are usually not successful considering the rigidity of intimate norms in Muslim society. On top of that, we additionally determined newer obstacles to sex degree among Muslim childhood (e.g. diminished respect for an Imam exactly who opposes a youth's vista on sex).


The increasing cultural and spiritual diversity of European communities [1] has built the urgent need for fitness publicity tools capable of properly altering adolescents' intimate conduct in a multicultural and multi-religious setting [2, 3]. The need for this type of fitness training are furthermore justified because of the large frequency of intimately carried infections (STIs) among non-Western immigrants compared to nationals [4, 5]. In not one faith or heritage try sexuality therefore closely integrated with spiritual guidelines such as Islam [6]. Since wellness publicity software were best whenever based on both theoretical impression and empirical research [3, 7], it really is vital to identify these policies in addition to their influence on the views that Muslim teens have actually on sex. Although professionals have analyzed how Islam influences Muslim teenagers' horizon on sex [e.g., [6, 810], large holes still exist inside our knowledge about the relationship between Islamic thought and sex. The present papers defines an exploratory research regarding the commitment between Islam and sexuality inside the Netherlands.

Islam and sex

Islam has actually viewed fast growth throughout the European mainland in recent decades. Currently, 5% from the Dutch populace elderly 18 decades and above include Muslim. A great deal of these younger individuals are of Moroccan and Turkish ancestry [11]. Spiritual consideration is actually of huge impact on believers' views and views concerning sex [12, 13]. Sex in Islam is not restricted to procreation such as most other monotheistic religions. Rather, sexuality is recognized as being an expression of spirituality. However, Islam does distinguish between 'legitimate' and 'illegitimate' sex (known as nikah and zinah respectively), centered on marital condition [14]. Sex within wedding are permitted and socially recognized; sex outside relationships are forbidden and socially unacceptable [6, 14]. As a consequence, sex is not just at the mercy of spiritual guidelines, additionally enjoys outcomes for those's personal, financial and general public standing [14].

Research during the Netherlands has a4adam gay revealed that Muslim women and people doing age 25 don't have a lot of knowledge about sexuality compared with their particular Christian and non-religious equivalents. Muslim men, however, become relatively familiar with sexuality weighed against Christian and non-religious colleagues [15]. In addition, Muslim ladies are much less experienced in sexuality than their particular non-Muslim associates [16].

Some other research has shown that immigration can result in Muslims to dare her current opinions on sexuality [8, 17]. Huang and Akhtar [18] believe immigration may cause alterations in the family member need for sex in lifestyle, including vista on homosexuality, relationships, and cross-cultural or cross-religious relations. Through contact with various other cultures, the panorama that immigrant Muslims have on sexuality and sexual decision making commonly much more individualistic [17, 19]. However, although immigration sometimes alter Muslims' views on sex [8, 17, 18], this does not mean that gender training and prevention software focusing on these Muslims don't require attention. By way of example, clashes between existing and brand-new horizon of sex may establish 'positive' in addition to 'negative' for secure intercourse practices [18].

Even though the union between Islam and thinking toward sexuality and intimate actions has recently received increasing focus, you may still find big caveats in our understanding of this connection including its effects for intercourse knowledge and protection tools. This might at the very least partly be demonstrated of the undeniable fact that Muslim teens were relatively unwilling to participate in research about sexuality. Without a doubt, Muslim participation has become quite restricted in mainstream survey research [15]. For that reason, the focus provides moved to a more secondary way of mobilizing Muslim adolescents for analysis when using the Internet. A lot more specifically, online discussion boards, which might be considered a form of focus people interview, were utilized accordingly in our learn.

Online and studies

As an extremely brand new and important strategy open to health practitioners and teachers, the Internet features possibly limitless dissemination, access and possibility [20, 21]. Tentative steps posses recently been used towards using the Internet in interventions and quantitative data [2225]. The value of utilising the world of the world-wide-web for qualitative research has already been acknowledged [2628]. Especially, Web research could be used to explore otherwise hard-to-reach populations [26], such as Muslim teens [15]. Utilizing data collected from an Internet message board, the present learn furthermore increases our knowledge regarding the applicability of websites message board conversations to examine thinking and viewpoints regarding debatable problem like Islam and sexuality.


The present research will explore the partnership between Islamic believe and horizon on sexuality among Muslim adolescents in Netherlands. We focus on the appropriate analysis inquiries. First, preciselywhat are Muslim teenagers' current views on sexuality? By using an example that is different from those found in past investigation, we were thinking about whether we're able to duplicate previous conclusions or decide any new views. Second, just how also to what level do these vista vary from the panorama of non-Muslim teenagers? By evaluating Muslim adolescents' opinions with the ones from non-Muslims we anticipated to decide 'problematic' views (in the same way which they may hinder gender knowledge efforts) with more simplicity. 3rd, we wished to master whether established ways to intercourse knowledge among Muslim teens will tend to be winning, and whether new techniques maybe recognized. Contained in this exploratory research, we made use of data on sexuality accumulated from an Internet conversation discussion board. We would not look for honest acceptance for this study because Web online forums are openly accessible.

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