In case you are dying to examine their favorite anime, submit an email to suggestions anime at gmail
In case you are dying to examine their favorite anime, submit an email to suggestions anime at gmail

Trip to Japan: Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo

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Itas come a bit since I last up-to-date this website. Iave only came back from my personal invigorating 2-week day at Japan to celebrate my graduation from SMU and my commencement to the a?reala? business! Just like somewhat boy that secured enough to get his favourite doll in the favourite store. Itas like a dream come true for me personally to be able to undertaking first-hand the customs that i've always admired.

To manufacture right up for the decreased posts, Iall be uploading a series of travel posts, photographs and journals (backdated) related to my personal stints in Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo, both to relive the minutes of fun and to render ideas to some other vacationers looking to go Japan.

Nowa returning to running the 1500+ images for my blog.. Ciao!


Sorry your hiatus. Job looking while having 5 segments at school is through no indicates a facile task. But Iam gonna succeed upwards by uploading additional anime studies on the a few weeks. At the same time, Iave added a review of heart Eater. Read the evaluation web page!

New Review

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Hey all, sorry for disappearing for such a long time. Real world (in cases like this, college) beckoned and I had to make the phone call. Simply uploaded a brand new assessment on Gundam 00, perform take a look!

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Eventually, a couple of my mid-term checks just ended these days. You will find one springing up in two days. Sorry for all the not enough changes and ratings. Iam at this time seeing beast! now and it also appears like a good anime with lots of potential at this point. Iall end up being posting feedback of Monster and Ichigo 100per cent by a few weeks.

Furthermore, just a treat for you. A video clip i stumbled upon within my Post Modern theater scientific studies course. Two dudes, one nursery track iced with social toppings. End result? You will get a massive entertaining bathtub of fun!

Your observe the movie and you laugh at it if you are thus funny. What takes place basically placed me within the boots of someone with similar ethnicity as them. Can I be in a position to laugh on it and approach it like bull crap?

Mocking your own personal lifestyle probably does not suit some. ( we spotted some displeased faces during my workshop once this video was processed by our very own prof).

However, I did laugh whenever Russell Peter made enjoyable of Chinese, saying the way they couldnat even a?last one seconda?.

Maybe not everyoneas a Russell Peter follower though. Hmm. Delicacies for thoughta ?Y??

Itas obvious the reason why Americans chosen Obama

I overlooked the historical celebration of the inauguration of Americaas basic black colored chairman (half white in fact), Barack Obama. Thus, I visited youtube and discovered this clear and crisp videos from the inauguration offered by CPAN.

President Barack Obama 2009 Inauguration and Target

I was thus prompted by his message that We began chomping on every Obama vid I am able to see on youtubeas appropriate videos column. simply, prior to starting labeling myself an Obama fanatic, i'd like to describe my personal stand.

a way of measuring a great chairman or frontrunner is not measured on such basis as their eloquence. Adolf Hitler was actually an eloquent speaker also. Although matter of his eloquence will leave much as desired.

Next, merely out-of absolute curiosity, I typed in a?George Busha? inside youtube search field and that I receive a listing of outcomes. My Personal mouse did actually magically move to this hyperlink titleda

George W Bush a American Idiot

That range after the videos takes the cake.

a?and America requires a military where bust and brightest is happy to serveaa?

Now can you see why People in america chose Mr. Obama ? (chosen John McCainas powerful hyperlinks with plant) You donat must be a PhD owner to determine why!

Bistro Menu Crash!

Iam thus stoked up about my personal graduation day at Japan! I experienced to attend ICA and apply for a fresh passport for my personal travels since my personal old a person is dated. Absolutely nothing very interesting i could set up here excepting this excellent restaurant diet plan that we watched around.

Gee! Keh Zua? Tell me about it?

PS: For people that do not know whatas Keh Zua, itas Hokkien dialect therefore virtually means firing a lot more bullets (from a firearm) than must eliminate a simple target.


Its Hikari-Chan! Douzo yoroshiku. ?Y

We have only uploaded my very first anime analysis on Gundam Seed. Would check it out!

Welcome Hikari chan!

Kon ban wa! Mina-san!

Simply a quick upgrade here!

a dear other otakqueen is also planning contribute some feedback for this blogs! Letas pleasant *drum roll* Hikari chan.

I understand Hikari chan in true to life and weare only a bunch of wardrobe otakus whom wishes to make use of this channel present our very own otaku-ism also to contact like-minded fellows. She's going to probably send and expose herself some time afterwards.

And once more, manage submit a contact in my experience at suggestions.anime at gmail if you wish to do an anime evaluation for us! Meanwhile, stay tuned in for sugar daddy dating site canada an upcoming Gundam show review by Hikari chan !

About myself

Hereas a brief sound introduction of myself personally.

Iam a fourth season college student their studies at the Singapore control college (think about it stalkers Iam waiting for you!)

Majoring in financing (Yeah dull or boring best?)

I enjoy busting zombies on remaining 4 lifeless and bullying lesser-noobs on DOTA.

I donat like to be known as a nerd. (Who wants to be a nerd?)

I enjoy Espirit, Adidas and Oakley (anything except my personal undergarments and watch are purchased from those retailers.. better almost..)

I am able to play the trombone, euphonium, guitar, bass and drums. (you will need these expertise occasionally when matchmaking chicks)

I detest stuff or statements which make myself feel Iave wasted 10 mere seconds of living reading it. (like one you happen to be checking out today)

We canat imagine nothing elsea will revise as soon as Jesus talks to mea

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